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Who taught us how to be men?

May 22, 2021 Mark Harris / Yaron Engler Season 4 Episode 32
The Enterprise Doctor Business Show
Who taught us how to be men?
Show Notes

Yaron Engler guests on today’s podcast, and we start by talking about why his company name is his name!  There are good reasons, and good reason that the name may well change in time – that’s the company name, not his name.

Yaron’s primary work is his coaching business, which specialises in “coaching men to find their greatness” and is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis and in group sessions.

Coaching specifically for men is somewhat unusual, and Yaron talks about why that is, what men need from coaching, and how he delivers it.  He tells some hard-hitting truths here, which will resonate with many men listening.  What he said sparked a number of questions from me, digging in to Yaron’s beliefs, and that led us to a conversation about the CROP Cycle, created and delivered by Yaron. 

In case you’re wondering it stands for….

C - cleansing and clearing

R – reconnecting

O – observing

P – play

But to know what the deeper meaning of each one is, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

We also talk about what happens if you sign up with Yaron – to what are you committing?  And what about a 1-2-1?

And finally, what steps would Yaron recommend you take if you’re not yet ready to fully engage with him?

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